Tree Surgeons Cornwall

Tree Surgeons in Cornwall covering Truro, St Austell, Newquay, Tregony, Tresillian, Redruth, Camborne, Pool and Perranporth.

Anyone can call themselves a tree surgeon and place an advert in a local paper or directory. It is easy to be caught out and hire a bad tree surgeon, tree felling and tree surgery are skilled operations which require a high level of technical knowledge, supported by training and experience.

Allscape SW & Garden Services are fully qualified and insured to carry out a wide range of services within the bounds of tree surgery. We are fully qualified and insured to carry out a wide range of services within the bounds of tree surgery.

- Tree Maintenance including limb removal and Pollarding
- Tree Surgery including crown reduction, crown lifting, crown thinning, removal of deadwood and formative pruning
- Tree Felling including dead and dangerous trees
- Tree Removal including dismantling and stump grinding
- Tree Climbing
- Chipping Services
- Assistance with Planning Application

All our Tree Surgery is carried out to the following British Standards:

- British Standard 3998:1989 'British Standard Recommendations for Tree Work
- British Standard 5837:1991 'Trees in Relation to Construction'

Tree Removal

Tree removal involves the complete removal of a tree from the site. The tree may be felled where there is sufficient room to do so safely but more usually a tree will be taken down in sections with the use of lowering ropes.

Formative Pruning

Formative Pruning is the process of training young developing trees to produce a framework of strong, evenly spaced stems or branches. Early intervention involving the removal of crossing branches can help to reduce future structural problems.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction involves reducing a percentage of the overall mass of the tree by carefully removing the ends of the branches evenly throughout the crown, leaving a balanced and maintained shape. This is not to be confused with topping, which has been shown to harmful to some trees.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the removal of the lower branches of the crown of the tree. It can improve the shape of the tree and is also often used to create more space beneath the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is the careful removal of selected internal branches throughout the crown of a tree. It is done to reduce the density of the crown and to allow more air and light into the tree’s canopy. It may also be used to reduce 'sail effect' minimising the chances of the tree blowing over in strong winds.

Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding involves the removal of dead wood from the tree; this is done for both aesthetic and safety reasons.


Pollarding involves the severe pruning of the tree’s branches back to the trunk. This method of tree management is usually used to prevent the tree achieving full size.

Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys and assistance with tree preservation orders in conservation areas is offered where trees may be protected by law. We can help to find out whether your trees are protected and liaise with Cornwall council on your behalf.

Utility Work

Utility Work is tree maintenance adjacent to electrical power lines is specialised work that can only be carried out by qualified utility arborists/tree surgeons.

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